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2015 NC WR Making His Name Known

Death Valley, SC ---

Joyner finished the year with 1708 yards and 21 TD's.

At Lake Norman High School in North Carolina, there's a wide receiver putting up the kind of numbers legends of the past in the state have. In 2013, Joyner amassed the fourth most receiving yards in a single season in the state of North Carolina with 1708 yards behind only Hakeem Nicks, Mohamed Massoquoi and T.J. Kornegay.

His name is Corey Joyner Jr. and in 2013 he had 86 catches for 1708 yards, 21 TD's and 17 rushes for 87 yards. All told in his career he's accounted for 2142 yards. With 86 catches and 21 touchdowns, Joyner is averaging a touchdown about every four touches of the ball.

Here's a link to Corey Joyner Jr 2013 highlight film

One on One with Joyner Jr.

Clemson247 - I've "heard" some things. What school have you always wanted to play for?

Joyner Jr. - "My dream school is Clemson University. I grew up liking Clemson and looking up to their star wide receivers."

Clemson247 - What is it about Clemson that attracts you?

Joyner Jr. - "I like Clemson because it is close to my home in Mooresville, NC so my family could attend my games. It’s the team I cheer for every Saturday, and it is something I've always wanted."

Joyner calls Clemson his dream school.

Clemson247 - How does it feel to finish up there with Nicks and Massoquoi in single season receiving yards?

Joyner Jr.- "It felt good to first hear that I was 4th all time in NC history
because it's a pretty good accomplishment. But it didn't last long with me, it wasn't enough. Stats aren't a big deal for me. I was more worried about our season, Lake Norman’s season, and it wasn't enough because we didn't go further than the first round in the playoffs.":

Clemson247 - What schools have you heard from so far?

Joyner Jr. - "I have visited Catawba College, Western Carolina and the University of North Carolina. I have also heard from ECU, N.C. State and recently Colorado State."

Clemson247 - Have you had a chance to visit Clemson?

Joyner Jr. - "I have not had the chance to visit Clemson. I hope to visit over spring break."

Clemson - What do you think the best part of your game is, and what do you need to improve on?

Joyner Jr. - "The best part of my game is my hands and route running. That’s
something I work on every day during the season and offseason. I would have to
say the part of my game I need to improve on is something that can always get better, and that’s my speed and strength."

Clemson247 Bonus Round

Clemson247 - What's your favorite NFL team?

Joyner Jr. - "My favorite NFL team is America's team, the Dallas Cowboys."

Clemson247 - Who is your favorite NFL and college wide receiver?

Joyner Jr. - "My favorite NFL receiver is Dez Bryant with the Dallas Cowboys and my favorite college wide receiver is Sammy Watkins of the Clemson Tigers."

Clemson247 - What's your favorite local restaurant?

Joyner Jr. - "My favorite restaurant to go to is Buffalo Wild Wings. Football and
wings are two great things."

Clemson247 - What kind of comfort food do you like to have around on game day when you’re watching football at home?

Joyner Jr. - "On game day I like to have wings, steak and fries."

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