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Clemson post NFL Draft predictions

First to play in the Super Bowl

Nuk Hopkins brings his blue collar work ethic to the Texans.

The pick: DeAndre Hopkins, 1st round Houston Texans

Why it will happen The Texans were 12-4 in 2012 losing to the Patriots in the playoffs. All this without a complimentary wide receiver for Andre Johnson. Enter Nuk, he will be consummate student for the Texans offense. Hopkins will come in, learn the system and over deliver on what are already high expectations for him.

Having Hopkins across from Andre Johnson is a perfect compliment and puts additional pressure on defenses.12-4 is a great year in the NFL, add in another great wide receiver and you might see the Texans in the AFC Championship or possibly a Super Bowl sooner than later.

First to silence the critics

The pick Malliciah Goodman, 4th round Atlanta Falcons

Why it will happen As we were watching pregame warm ups in the Chik Fil A Bowl, we were very close to Goodman. Dabo was making his pregame rounds, he knelt down and said something to Goodman. We'll never know what it was but after that, #97 had a blank stare we hadn't seen before. He looked focused, like he had a point to make in this game. Little did anyone know the last game in his Clemson career and his first game as a pro would be in the same building.

Goodman looks the part and gave us flashes of what he can be through his career at Clemson. None better than the 3 sack performance against LSU. He's done everything you want him to do to prepare for the NFL after his last college game. He'll be in good hands in Atlanta with Mike Nolan. I think Goodman silences the critics and progressively improves in to a solid defensive end for the Falcons.

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