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Five questions

Clemson heads in to Saturday's matchup against NC State 9-1. This will be the best team Clemson has faced since Virginia Tech three weeks ago. Heading in to action these are the five question for Clemson.

1- Will Clemson avoid making this a trap game, look past game with the Gamecocks on the tee next Saturday in Death Valley?

This team has been more mature and tougher this year no doubt. What happens Saturday?

2- Can Clemson get Oregon fast? Let me explain: Oregon head coach Chip Kelly had Air Force fighter pilots come and explain The OODA loop This is a strategic combat technique developed by USAF Colonel John Boyd.

Link to OODA

It stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act

This method is used to get maximum performance out of pressure situations. Chip Kelly adds it in this year and his team is running at a break neck pace.

Can Clemson dial up the play count and pace against NC State and South Carolina? If they can more good things will happen for this offense.

3- Will Clemson take care of the ball better against NC State? Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said to us Sunday night "NC State is a dangerous team. "

Swinney is right. NC State is dangerous; the beat Florida State, lost to UNC on a poor coaching call at the end of regulation to North Carolina and then were embarrassed by Virginia.

Which NC State team shows up? Will Clemson eliminate the 7 turnovers they've had in the last two games?

Poor ball security can't happen against NC State. The competition level is higher.

4- Can the Clemson defensive line get pressure NC State quarterback Sean Glennon?

Glennon can be rattled and that starts right from the first whistle by the Clemson defensive line pressuring him.

5- Can the Clemson safeties and defensive backs make the throwing windows tight for Sean Glennon?

NC State loves to run post and crossing patterns. Clemson's fundamentals and technique will need to be at a premium this week.

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