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Fravel: The Way I See It

The way I see it: My weekly take on Clemson football ...

Is revenge a factor this week?

1. Some I hear talking Clemson football have the cart 2 two miles in front of the horse. Example: Clemson is playing ______ for an at large BCS game.

No, Clemson isn't playing anyone in a BCS game. Why?? Clemson has two teams to beat before that is even a realistic discussion.

We've been here before. 2011 the Tigers were 9-1 and got whipped on by NC State and South Carolina.

Now, this years Tigers are a much more focused and mature group especially compared to last year. This is college football though. Anything can happen and does ask , Nick Saban. Sumlin happened to Alabama.

You wonder why good coaches say things like "we are focusing on the process" or "we are focused on us"

2. On the revenge factor with NC State from 2011:
Nope. This isn't revenge. Make no mistake about it. Dabo was asked Sunday on our teleconference about the revenge motive.

Dabo said 'the team knows, I don't have to tell them' He went on to say the boring things, the right things. 'We are focused on us.' Dabo also told us ''We are focused on playing our best ball in November.'

Revenge: is a car crash with pieces of emotion scattered all over the place.

Focusing on us and what we can control: is a targeted missile shot from a ship with generals in charge.

This team isn't happy with themselves in between snaps like last year. They have some lean in them. They see they are better at game ten than they were at game one in the Georgia Dome against pitiful Auburn.

3. 11/24- a contract hit or a contract game?

Speaking with those close to the team the South Carolina game is a "contract game" as I was told.

Why? The rivalry is back. Clemson has tasted their own blood three times in a row.

The only way to shut someone up like the gang down I-26 in Columbia is to give them a taste of their own medicine. Play mad and go hard for 60 minutes.

This is not lost on this team. Job one is taking care of NC State. The final act is finding a way to beat South Carolina.

For Clemson, the rivalry is back.

4. Forget the BCS. If Clemson can finish the season 11-1 what kind of recruiting class does it finish with??

It could be a motherload of riches with Montravius Adams, Macensie Alexander, Tramel Terry and others still out their to be hooked.

5. You want your motivation for beating NC State and South Carolina??

In the back corners and dimly lit offices of the West Endzone you know this group knows what finishing 2-0 or 3-0 down the stretch will do for Clemson's 2013 recruiting class.

Everyone wants to kiss the popular girl.

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