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Nuggets from the Georgia Dome

Clemson working at a rapid pace at the Georgia Dome.

Fred and I just left practice at the dome.I'll have pictures up from practice sometime in the next 2 hours.
- Kickoff coverage was very intense. There was a lot of attention paid to dropping the kickoff in around 10-20 yard line with coverage on the spot. This is a welcome site. The next thing we noticed was kickoffs along the ground down the seam areas. This is another technique that I think will be effective going forward. This year the kickoff coverage at times was lacking so this is a welcome site for Tiger fans.
-There also seemed to be some new route running with the wide receivers and running backs. We saw running backs lined up as wide receivers etc.
-Another wrinkle was the true speed option with Sammy Watkins and others. Loved seeing this. You could see this causing real problems for opponents.
-defensively there was some really physical attention being paid to getting after the receiver off the line jamming them.
-Offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell was really getting after his guys focusing on technique and physicality.
-Fwiw: Chad Kelly has a cannon for an arm. Other quarterbacks warming up were getting hand burn catching his 10-15 yard passes.
-These are not all but in particular these guys all pass the eye test: Stephone Anthony, Ellington, Hopkins, Watkins, Cortez Davis, Brandon Ford, Crawford, Watson, Reader, Blanks, Vic Beasley.

Fred Vickers nuggets

-Robbie Caldwell has a ton of fire, no secret to why the O-Line has improved this season.
-Stephone Anthony looks the part, the kid should really add some size and speed and be a difference maker in 2013.
-One thing I noticed last nite was Tajh is the leader of this team. Hes a great kid with a ton of confidence, id say as Tajh goes, Clemson goes. I have a new found respect for Tajh after seeing him in person.
-Chad Kellys a stud and a potential all american type player at quarterback for Clemson

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