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Basketball thoughts in the midst of Bowls and Realignment...

  • I know.. what am I thinking, right?

    Well, first a few observations about BB. There are not many better x's and o's guys out there.


    If you watch some of the sets we run, each one sets up another one. He is a really able to get our guys some good looks. He is also very good at scheming to get you out of postition. When Book and Milt are both in, we run a lot of stuff that bring the backside help high with a shooter, opening up the high/low look. He does a great job of getting what we want out of each possession. His coaching points on the different ball screen looks are great. We will roll, pop, and even double ball screen. I love the fact that we always bring someone high to replace the roll. That puts a lot of pressure on the defense.

    Personnnel wise... boys, Adonis Filer is gonna be a stud. Just watch him, and you can tell he has "it". He isn't afraid to get to the rack, and he can finish. His jumper isn't bad, and he plays with no fear. KJ is just a freak. His game has gotten so much better, to the point that he is beginning to remind me of Vince Carter, although Vince had a much better skill set. I love the the play of our young guys. They have really bought in. Roper has no fear shooting the ball, which is great. That will allow him to become very dangerous from the perimeter.


    We defend you like nobody's business. Our closeouts are as good as any team in CBB. We pressure the ball on the way up. It is very rare for a team to get an uncontested look. Watch how our guys talk, help, and recover on screens away from the ball. It is very frustrating for the opposing team, b/c they are forced to be flawless and make contested shots each trip.

    BB has a knack for confusing teams. Our man is so tough, that when we go to a zone look, we frustrate people. We play our zone with man principles, which means we still go out and pressure and contest. Both the even front and odd front zones BB uses have given teams fits. Our full ct. pressure is very effective. If you watch, our guys are very sound in the press. We don't just gaurd "open court". Even though we are in the diamond press, we will matchup and make it difficult for you to make the next pass. BB does a great job of teaching our guys to move with the pass.


    I'm excited about AZ coming in next week, and the rest of the season. I think this team has tremendous upside. As our young guys continue to get better and our offense begins to pick up, we are gonna be very dangerous. I think we can be better than .500 in conference play. IMO, this can be an NCAA tournament team if we stay relatively healthy.

  • Couldn't agree more Coach... Brownell is the best basketball coach this school has had since Rick Barnes... That being said, IMO he's still got to go out and sign a couple of talented bigs to rebound on the blocks and consistently hit 12-15 ft jumpers... Once he gets a couple of those guys in it'll help open things up on the perimeter and this offense is going to be a scoring machine... And our defense? Love it... love the pressure we put on the ball and more importantly AWAY from the ball... Love how we keep the opposition uncomfortable with just about every offensive posession they get and make them earn the points the hard way...

    But we've got to find a way to recruit a few bigs, especially with Pitt, Syracuse, and Louisville coming into the conference... things arent going to get any easier for Brownell

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  • Pitt, UL, and Syracuse going to the B12 or SEC?hammer

    I'm kidding