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Clemson Football and Expansion

  • I've been off the board for several weeks. My newborn little girl (6 weeks) has spent some time in the hospital, and just came home this weekend. I'm looking foward to jumping back in the fray, and just wanted to give a few thoughts on some things from CU football to expansion.

    1. This is a different team from last year. Offensively, we are getting better and more dangerous every game. Boyd is the real deal, and the new threat he is with his legs is something that defenses can't account for. This is not good news for SCU.

    2. Hopkins has the best hands and body controf of any receiver in the country. The fact that he has been left off of award lists is a disgrace. The same can be said for Boyd and the Heisman talk. D-I-S-G-R-A-C-E-F-U-L

    3. I have been very pleased with our defensive growth this year. I know, I know... NCST put up video game numbers. That aside, I have seen us get better fundamentally, and in many spots position by position. I definately think BV has been earning his money. I'm sure some will disagree, but I think he's done an outstanding job of continually coaching and teaching, and we've seen improvement.

    4. The ACC is beyond bad. If you ever had any thoughts about should we stay or leave the ACC, just look at the respect factor. We are a one loss team, as is FSU, and we can't break past 10/11 in the BCS. If chaos were to happen the next two weeks, there are a couple of two loss teams who would get in the MNC over Clemson. We lose by 12 at FSU, and dominate many aspects of that game... and we can't get back in the mix.

    5. Speaking of the ACC... the writing is on the wall and the conference is going to implode. UMD wasn't a top football school, but it doesn't matter. They left AFTER the ND deal and the increased buyout. If the ACC brings in UCONN... there are about 4-5 schools that will shoot Swoffy the bird and walk. Because of that, I don't think UCONN will be invited... but Swoffy has surprised before.

    6. I can tell you for a fact that the BOT is very concerned right now. President Barker is between a rock and hard place. If one more major ACC player leaves, Barker is going to face some serious heat. In that scenario, major dominoes start to fall.

  • Good post: Informative stuff

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  • Congrats and welcome back. Thought you fell off the earth lol.

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  • Very good stuff. I whole heartedly agree on Coach Venables, fantastic job he has done this year. Frome game one to game eleven the defense has gotten better. The dl for example is night and day compared to the first game. Our run defense just gets better and better every week, those first few games we looked like we had no clue, now we got guys controlling their gaps and not over running plays. Just get better every week thats the goal and venables has shown he can coach. Boyd and nuke getting snubbed is absurd, the fact that boyd got snubbed by the davey O'Brien award for braxton miller makes me want to puke. I dont understand how anybody can justify that. They can say talk all they want about its because of the acc but if boyd played at fsu and was doing this...then hed be all they ever talk about on espn. I said it this summer and Ill say it til we do something...if we dont get out of the acc we are going to be in big trouble down the road and thats just scary

  • Good stuff Coach Rob. Welcome back and thanks for the insights.

    Agree on the defense...the defensive line in particular has grown from Week 1 to Week 11, and I think the DT's have improved as much as any position on the team. LB play has improved with Shuey in there, though he's not great in coverage. Still, I like Shuey and Willard in there on run downs where they've helped tighten that up just by playing physical and filling holes.

    You're getting more production out of DE now, especially on the weak side. The secondary is still awful but they just need some more players in there and a healthy Breeland.

    Boyd and Hopkins not being on the award lists is a complete joke. Not sure any QB in America has had a better year than Boyd. Hopefully he puts up big numbers on USC Saturday.

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