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Defensive line

  • Since it is a slow day thought Id take a moment to break down clemson by position starting with the DL.

    DT :
    We will have 6 returning DTs next year and 5 of them played
    Josh Watson jr 6'4 290
    Grady Jarret jr 6'0 290
    Deshawn Williams jr 6'0 300
    DJ Reader so 6'3 320
    Carlos Watkins so 6'3 285
    Rod Byers rso 6'3 275
    I really like this group coming back,because they have gotten better and better every week. I really like Josh wtason going forward. He has developed into a big body that can push the pocket and eat up gaps but also has become better at getting off blocks and getting to the qb. DJ Reader is a homerun by this staff he is going to be a force inside. If we can close on the recruiting trail with pagano and adams then I think this position will just get even stronger.

    We have 5 players returning but only 3 that will have had any significant playing time
    T. Barnes jr 6'4 265
    V. Beasley jr 6'3 225
    C. Crawford jr 6'5 270
    M. Aiken rfr 6'2 245
    K. Dodd rfr 6'5 280
    First off with corey crawford very dissappointed in how he started the year BUT he did start to get much better towards the end, still needs to get better at getting to the qb but he did get better in setting the edge in the run game. Tavaris Barnes should have played more and probably should have started over goodman. He does have a natural ability to get to the qb and must continue to develop this over the winter and spring. Vic beasley is a war daddy and deserved A LOT more playing time. He is quick off the ball uses his hands well and can get off blocks. Very good pass rusher and if he can just get in the 240 range by next fall and maintain it he will be the answer. I like the ability that dodd and aiken have but both may actually be better suited to play inside so who knows. If we can somehow get ebenezer to go along with dane rogers and shaq lawson(two guys who I think are being overlooked by most clemson fans) then the future can be bright for this poistion.

    In summary I think we are starting to put together a DL that we can win those big games with and I like this group going forward

  • Good post JV. I think the Clemson DL next year will be a real strength going in to the season. I think the job Dan Brooks and Marion Hobby did with this group is outstanding.

    Cory Fravel Twitter @CFravel247

  • Dan Brooks should get an award for this coaching performance unbelievable job, best in the buisness hands down IMO. Marion hobby as well what he has done with barnes and vic is awesome

  • I agree that this was a good post but I strongly disagree that this will be a real strength going into next year. The interior is pretty good. Not great but pretty good. I feel decent about that group.

    But our DE's are horrible and in era where DE's are second only the QB in success of a football team Clemson is in big trouble there. At least for 2013 I would not expect any significant improvements.

  • I like this unit going forward, and the addition of (at least) Lawson, Rogers, and Pagano will provide depth in the future, and there is no pressure for them to contribute immediately (although if they are world-beaters and able to hold their own immediately, even better). Add In Adams and Ogundeko, and now there is stability, and (presumed) talent, for the next three years.

    It's a good group, that's going to be better next year, and could be a new foundation to build on if things go well on February 6th. Brooks and Hobby have done yeoman's work this year.

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  • Im willing to bet barnes and beasley will make you eat them words next year bout them being horrible and dts are better then decent