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Furman gameplan, Sammy, FSU prep, and ND

  • This is a big week for Clemson football, even though it's only Furman. We get arguably the nation's best WR back, and we continue to prep for a huge matchup next week with FSU. You can bet that we have been devoting time to FSU each day since we beat AU.

    I expect Furman to play us like Ball St. and AU did to an extent. I think they'll drop, and take away anything deep. They will pick and choose their times to bring pressure. I think we'll see hard corners to the boundary, with help over the top. We'll see some quarters to the field, and LBs probably widened a little. However, I won't be shocked if Furman sells out to get pressure on Boyd.

    We are going to see a few wrinkles from the offense, just to keep FSU honest. Last week, we saw AE in the Wildcat. I think we'll see Sammy there tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised to see some option either, just to make them prepare for it.

    The addition of Sammy is going to benefit TB's rushing stats tremendously. He may be able to attain the 700 yd. mark with Sammy in the lineup, and AE continuing to be so productive. I don't think teams (FSU) are convinced of our OL and run game yet, so we are not gonna see extra hats in the box just yet.

    I think we're gonna play better defensively. I also think we're gonna stay more base, and not give FSU any new looks. They've already seen us moving around on 3rd and long, so they have to prepare for that.

    You have to believe there is an agreement for ND to become a full member in the ACC, or at least a very high likelihood. If not, I don't think this happens. I think they will be a full member, and they will have to "x" date to do it... even though we may not know about it. The bigger issue will be what to do with TV contracts. The ACC doesn't allow teams to keep tier 3, so a ND network is a no go. I think the answer will be an ACC network, like the B10, and it will be profitable for everyone...

    we'll see