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Next three weeks of games for BCS teams

  • Next three games for teams ahead of us in BCS:

    1 Alabama 6-0 (@UT, vs. Miss. St., @LSU)
    2 Florida 6-0 (vs. SCU, vs. UGA, vs. Mizzou)
    3 Oregon 6-0 (@Arizona St., vs. Colorado, @USC)
    4 Kansas State 6-0 (@WVU, vs. TT, vs. OKST)
    5 Notre Dame 6-0 (vs. BYU, @OU, vs. Pitt)
    6 LSU 6-1 (@TAMU, idle, vs. BAMA)
    7 South Carolina 6-1 (@UF, vs. UT, idle)
    8 Oregon State 5-0 (vs. Utah, @ Washington, vs. AZ ST.)
    9 Oklahoma 4-1 (vs. Kansas, vs. ND, @ISU)
    10 USC 5-1 (vs. Colorado, @AZ, vs. Oregon)
    11 Georgia 5-1 (@UK, vs. UF, vs. Ole Miss)
    12 Mississippi State 6-0 (vs. MTSU, @BAMA, vs. TAMU)
    13 West Virginia 5-1 (vs. KState, idle, vs. TCU)
    14 Florida State 6-1 (@UM, vs. Duke, idle)
    15 Rutgers 6-0 (@Temple, vs. Kent St., idle)
    16 Louisville 6-0 (vs. USF, vs. Cincy, vs. Temple)
    17 Texas Tech 5-1 (@TCU, @KState, vs. Texas)
    18 Texas A&M 5-1 (vs. LSU, @AU, @Miss. St.)
    19 Clemson 5-1 (vs. VT, @WF, @Duke)

    I think the potential is there for us to move up quite a bit within the next 3 weeks or so.


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