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Nick Saban to the Browns?


    Report: Cleveland Browns may lure Saban back

    Alabama's Nick Saban could become the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns, the Boston Globe is reporting. It's far from a done deal, and a number of

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  • Heard this a few months ago not sure if he will but i bet its killing his ego the miami gig didnt workout

  • As the resident Browns fan, I will weigh in on this.

    1. Saban got a bad rap in Miami. He took over a 4-12 team and brought them back to 9-7 and 2nd in the AFC East. Most people forget that his QB was Gus Frerotte. Going into the 2006 season, he was lobbying for the Dolphins to trade for Drew Brees - who was coming off of a shoulder injury and had lost his starting job to Philip Rivers in San Diego. The Miami medical staff would not clear Brees' shoulder, saying it was not structurally sound, and he will never be the same QB again. This forced Saban to sign Culpepper and Harrington as free agents - which of course were both not good. That was the end for Saban in Miami. They went 6-10 with two horrible QB's and the Alabama job opened up. If the Miami medical staff would have cleared Brees' shoulder, we would probably be viewing Saban's coaching tenure in Miami a lot differently as he would probably still be there. Alabama should be sending that horrible medical staff great Christmas presents.

    2. Mike Lombardi is an absolute joke. I don't care if he resurrected Vince Lombardi and brought him to Cleveland with him - I want absolutely nothing to do with Mike in Cleveland - and neither does the majority of Browns fans and ALL of the Browns media. They've started to put a lot pressure on Banner and Haslam to prevent this from happening.

    3. The Browns started off poorly. However, they were breaking in a rookie QB, RT, RB & WR. Defensive starters Haden (who many believe is one of the best CB's in football), DT Phil Taylor and LB Scott Fujita. They were also without starting WR Mohammad Massequoi who was injured; and rookie RB Trent Richardson was coming off an injury and had not played in a single preseason game. WR Greg Little had attitude problems and couldn't catch a cold; and rookie WR Travis Benjamin couldn't stay healthy. And lastly, rookie WR Josh Gordon (who was taken in the supplemental draft) was still trying to figure it out).

    Now - Haden and Taylor are back in the line-up. Richardson is not healthy, but playing. WR's Benjamin and Massequoi are back. The light bulb has come on for Josh Gordon and he is the top rookie WR in the NFL. Greg Little has undergone a transformation and his attitude has been absolutely great, and he is no longer dropping footballs. And the Browns have won 5 of their last 8 football games.

    Sure they sit 5-8, but they are playing tough physical football and aren't getting blown out by anybody - and are currently one of the hottest teams in the NFL. This coaching staff has this team moving in the right direction and has given the fans hope - something we haven't had since the Belichick era (which Saban was the DC for). Now there is still 3 games to be played - Washington, Denver and Pittsburgh, so the jury is still out. But as of today, there is no way that I blow up this staff for Nick Saban. Now that could change if the progression doesn't continue these last three games - but I am all for keeping the staff together, and having some continuity for the first time since the mid 90's.

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