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Regarding Swinney's comments about the Pistol....

  • I think time will show that this was one of the most important, and productive, decisions the staff made this offseason.

    In Paul's updates, Dabo mentioned how the Pistol really benefited AE. He is absolutely right, and it is a great job by our staff to put AE in that position to be successful. He has the rare blend of speed and power (even for a "smaller" guy). He is a natural downhill runner, who hits the hole as fast, or faster, than any RB I've seen at Clemson. Once he's in the hole, he can cut at full speed and not miss a step. The pistol was seemingly designed for him, and kudos to our staff for taking advantage of it.

    I think many people may overlook this point, and just see the pistol as just a "new wrinkle". If we still had Spiller, I don't think he would be as successful in the pistol, and I don't think Morris would put him there as much. He was more of a "get on the edge" guy who could do it all. AE has the speed to turn the corner... but he also can hit a crease at full speed and explode through the hole.

    Great job of putting our guys in positions to be successful by playing to their strengths.

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  • Could not agree with you more.

    Moreover, care to elaborate on Dabo's comments regarding how the pistol allows the offensive line to set double-teams up front and slow the linebackers' flow down? While the linemen certainly deserve their fair share of credit for carrying out the design, I think Morris & Co. were astute in implementing the pistol to aid the personnel up front, too.

  • It slows the LBs read down a little, and it changes their alignment a little. A lot of defenses will call their strength based on where the back lines up... especially if the field is balanced. With the back right behind the QB, it forces the LBs more to a traditional alignment, creating a little better angle for OL.

    It also slows their read down. it's harder to get a read on the back, because you don't know if it's a counter step, etc... That extra split second allows our OL to get to the second level with a good angle.

    If the LBs are reading back to line, then you have a big advantage with the pistol. If they are reading line to back, you have the advantage of AE getting downhill faster, and not having to restart.