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Sunday Dabo Swinney teleconference notes

  • Just finished the teleconference and these are some news, notes and paraphrases
    - Gifford Timothy is ok. He'll play against Ball State. When Dabo was asked what the injury was Dabo said it was scar tissue.
    - Game balls on offense Andre Ellington, on defense Stephone Anthony and on special teams Chandler Catanzaro. To add to this is anyone else surprised Anthony got the game ball for defense?
    - Dabo said they held tough on defense, won the two minute drills, rallied and held Auburn to field goals. They will clean some things up as he feels they were their own worst enemy.
    - Dabo said they prepared for the counter mostly on defense and Auburn ran primarily I formation and stretch plays. He said he was proud of the in game adjustments the defense made.
    - Dabo felt like winning the turnover battle would be huge.
    - Dabo was asked about the whole ACC/SEC significance and he said it's one game and one night. We were the better team. I hope at the end of the year this matters.
    -Dabo said Tajh had a great game, made plays when he had to. He said they challenged him all spring and fall to read the rush lanes and not make ill advised throws.
    - Went the distance with the starting OL except one play Shaq Anthony came in after the Timothy injury.
    - DJ Howard and Rod McDowell will get more work.
    - The team played it's best defense in the fourth quarter.
    - DJ Reader played and responded very well on the big stage.
    - Far from satisfied and will go work on film and challenge the team.
    - Dabo said no adjustments will be made to chin straps or helmets after last night

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  • I thought Anthony played a hell of a game. He didn't show up in the stat line much simply because Willard our weakness and Auburn continued to run right at him. Anthony also played very well in coverage. Had a tip that might have saved us from a loss. Also if Frazier was accurate with one of his passes, Anthony was right there for the interception. I thought he played great. He will get his stats as the year goes on. We didn't do a lot of blitzing and as I said, Auburn ran away from Anthony the whole night.

  • I thought Anthony played very timid in the first half but honestly the second half especially the fourth quarter he came up huge. He was in on some good stops in Auburn's second to last possession. His speed is such an assett as he made several downfield tackles. Willard played very well in my opinion but he got caught gambling a couple of times and missed, plus I am pretty sure he had the check on the TE that turned out to be a big gainer for Auburn.

    The thing we don't know is what Anthony's assignments were all game, if he aced those than the staff would know but it just seemed that Willard made most of the plays and Christian didn't do anything. Thats after rewatching the game for the third time this morning and really looking to see if he made any impact.

  • Well said. Christian seemed lost the whole game. If Frazier had looked his way there were 3 times I saw Christian was badly beat in coverage. You're right Willard played a great game. DJ Reader really played well in my opinion. The fumble Watson caused was a great play. That's been missing.

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  • One thing to keep in mind when talking about LB play is that it's not always about tackles. For example, it depends on where your fit is, and where the play is going. If flow is to your side, it may be to take on the FB's inside shoulder and blow him up. That allows the other backer to get over the top and make the play.

    Under Venables, if the DL can keep the OL from getting to LBs, and our guys fit right, they will make a lot of plays.

    I thought they did a much better job of that in the 2nd half.

  • Correction... playside will take on the FBs "outside" shoulder, and hopefully blow him up into the hole...