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Thoughts after FSU

  • Going into the #4 ranked teams house and winning was going to be tough. That being said, there are some things that I came away with that are exciting. Morris is as good of a playcaller and gameplanner as there is in college football. With 8 games left, it's gonna be a lot of fun to watch.


    We are as good as I thought we were. I know... 3 and outs, low scoring second half, etc... Doesn't matter. We scored enough in 2.5 quarters against a VERY GOOD defense to win the game. You had to know that, as we couldn't stop them, they were eventually gonna get pressure and their depth was going to show up. It did... but not until after we handed them their ass.

    Morris called a great game. He will tell you that he abandoned the run too soon, etc.. Maybe so, but he still had a great gameplan and called a great game. I loved seeing Sammy in the backfield. He hit hole hard and followed his blockers. He makes you hold you breath everytime. I thought TB played very well, and managed the game very well. In the 2nd half, their depth caught up with us, and forced him to sramble and throw it away. The only bad decision he made was the pick, and he was just trying to make a play. Big time game from him. I thought the OL held their own, and did better than expected. We were able to run the ball and keep them off balance. TB had time for the most part, again, until their depth showed up.

    FSU's defense is the real deal, and they had no answer for the most part.


    Well, what can you say. I'll start by saying this... I watched BV closesly at OU, and even set through some clinics with him. He is a very good football coach. I really liked his scheme Saturday night. He brought some stunts that we hadn't seen, trying to get pressure. He only played with three down, largely b/c we coudn't get pressure anyway. On a good deal of EJ's throws, he had plenty of time to wait for guys to come across the formation, b/c there wasn't any pressure.

    IMO, we are suffering from a lack of talent, period. Yes, we are talented, but FSU's offense is very good. We were just physcially overmatched. At halftime, Dabo said "man, we're battling on defense". In other words, he's saying, "we're outmanned and we know it, but our guys are battling". You only can survive on that so long against FSU.

    To be honest, I'm not worried about BV and the defense. It may be ugly all year, but it will get better. He will do a good job here. It is what it is.


    We only dropped to 16, and there is A TON of football left to play. Looking at next week's games, we could be back in the top 15 this time next week. We still have both conference and national goals on the table. Yes, we'll have to improve on defense... but our offense is no joke. FSU's defense will continue to dominate people. I think we can hang 50 on every opponent left, now that we are in conference play and Morris has more stuff in. (USC may be the exception, but I'll dissect that later).

    Good days ahead, and that means this year.

  • Good stuff Coach Rob....

    I feel Morris did go away from the run too early, but I also feel FSU's depth started to take over some there anyway and it may not have mattered. Overall Morris gave us a great chance to win the game with his innovative schemes and play calling, especially with what was stacked against Clemson (great defense, road team, etc.).

    Defensively I just hope Venables can get things improved to a point they can get the offense the ball back a few times a game. The defense is beset by a combination of things IMO, youth at DT, no talent in the secondary, mismatched parts at LB, and underperformance/depth at DE.

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