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Tajh Boyd

If Heisman Trophy voters aren't considering Clemson's quarterback as a legitimate contender for the award by now, then Tajh Boyd will never get the recognition he deserves.

Not only did he complete 18-of-26 passes for 261 yards with 3 touchdown passes against Maryland on Saturday, but he was so efficient running Chad Morris offense that the Tigers first three scoring drives were almost identical in number of plays, yardage, and time of possession.

- 7 plays, 52 yards, 2:11 (13-yard TD pass to Adam Humphries)
- 7 plays, 53 yards, 1:54 (28-yard TD pass to DeAndre Hopkins)
- 7 plays, 60 yards, 2:08 (22-yard TD pass to Brandon Ford)

By the way, in case you didn't notice in the statistics listed above, each of Boyd's touchdown passes against the Terrapins was to a different receiver.

On the season, Boyd now has 2,942 yards passing with 28 TDs and 9 INTs.

Spencer Shuey

Not only did Spencer Shuey end the game with 6tackles, including 1 tackles-for-loss and 1 sacks, but he made plays when the Tigers needed them the most.

In the second quarter, with Clemson up 28-7 and threatening to score again, Tajh Boyd fumbled the ball at the Maryland 2 yard line.

The following play, Terrapins running back Brandon Ross rumbled 44 yards on an end around, setting up Maryland near midfield.

Then, Spencer Shuey stepped up and turned momentum back in the Tigers favor!

He made a tackle after a one yard run on first down, sacked Maryland quarterback Shawn Petty for a 15 yard loss on second down, and stopped Terps running back Brandon Pickett for no gain on third down, forcing a punt.

Nine plays later, Andre Ellington scored on a 6-yard touchdown run, putting the Tigers up 35-7, and essentially sealing the victory before halftime.

Corey Crawford

Not long ago some of you questioned why I said Corey Crawford was progressing and would be an impact. Crawford has progressively improved all season and starting to play with some confidence.

Head scratchers

The lack of attendance at the game[b/]

For the most part, was Death Valley near capacity on Saturday? Yes.

But, was it packed? No.

The official attendance was 76,000.

And that's sad!

Especially considering it was Homecoming, that Clemson was 8-1 entering the game, and that the college careers of seniors like Andre Ellington and Malliciah Goodman (and juniors who may go pro like DeAndre Hopkins) are winding down.

A few years ago, Clemson fans complained that the team was not competitive in the ACC.

Now, the Tigers are the defending ACC champs, are 9-1 this season after the victory over the Terrapins, and are once again important on the national level. Yet they aren't even worthy of a sellout each week?

Come on, Tiger fans! I thought you were “All In.”

[b]Ball Security

Normally when a team has three turnovers, there's a good chance they might lose the ballgame.

Luckily for Clemson, although they turned the ball over three times, so did Maryland.

Adam Humphries muffed a punt return in the first half, and Tajh Boyd fumbled the ball twice, but the mistakes didn't hurt the Tigers too much.

Maryland scored on the possession after Humphries fumbled punt return, but were unable to put points on the board on the possessions that followed Boyd's fumbles.

It's crunch time, with only two regular season games remaining, so ball security shouldn't be an issue at this point in the season.

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